No Shoes

by Jaesen Pemberton

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released July 16, 2012

Jaesen Pemberton- Lyrics, guitar, piano, vocals
Callen Clarke- production, piano, various electronic instruments
Ali Soltani- Violin, Viola
Kyle Dillingham- Fiddle
Kaylee Losawyer- special thanks for helping write clear headed and being the best friend one could ever hope for.



all rights reserved


Jaesen Pemberton Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I'm a young singer-songwriter from Oklahoma. I write folk music and I love to share it. Enjoy

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Track Name: No Shoes
(verse 1)
I stand here,
feet bare,
grass cool,
morning dew
listening for bells,
or hearts,
syncopating well,
good morning,
Are you lost?
well I've got a good since of direction,
and I'll find you (I'll find you)
You're good,
and I'm not a perfect reflection,
but it shines through (it shines through)
(verse 2)
High noon,
tea with the queen,
I left you for,
but I am,
beginning to think,
that I'm not,
belonging so I'm,
headed home for you,
for whom I'm longing
(chorus 2X)
(verse 1)
Track Name: Nobody (feat. Kyle Dillingham)
(verse 1)
I am seeing,
what I was feeling,
and I was hurting,
and my insides were turning,
who are you to tell me who I am?
nobody, nobody
who are you to tell me where I stand?
nobody, nobody
(verse 2)
I have made some,
mistakes and done wrong,
that doesn't give you,
the right to persecute,
don't fight me about this
don't fight me about this
(verse 3)
I am better,
not under the weather,
mentally stable,
and with that I'm able,
to say,
Track Name: Dreamland
(verse 1)
well I am drawing,
pictures in my head,
and I'm just sitting here,
'cause I couldn't get to bed,
all the lights are on,
all the windows open,
my mind is gone,
I don't know where its goin',
and I'm stuck,
in my dreamland,
I am stuck,
with no helping hand,
I'm caught up,
with the unspoken,
I'm caught up,
but not broken,
(verse 2)
well I am painting,
and portrait with my eyes,
I'm renovating,
the clutter in my mind,
I'm looking around to find,
that no ones alone,
but just for now I'm,
on my own,
and I can't wake up,
and I can't wake up
Track Name: Clear Headed (Co-written by Kaylee Losawyer)
(verse 1)
I liked you,
for who you were not who you are,
'cause back then,
we were so close but now we're far apart,
you have changed,
and I have stayed the same,
I won't punish myself,
for your change of heart,
do you really think that,
you're living safe this way,
from my perspective,
you have gone insane,
(verse 2)
I don't know,
whether you'll ever figure this one out,
I feel cold,
but I figure you're worth writing one song about,
it took me a while to realize,
that I don't need this in my life,
so I'm done with you and that is without a doubt,
you used to be so clear headed
Track Name: Better Intentions
(verse 1)
didn't hear from you today,
does that mean, does that mean,
that you've gone, gone away,
are you here with me?
or have you, have you passed,
are you gone finally,
well I have better intentions
well I have better intentions
(verse 2)
did I see you today?
well I could have sworn,
that I did see your face,
in the paper I read,
saw your name under the,
(chorus 2X)
Track Name: Fall Apart
(verse 1)
Sip your coffee and stretch your legs,
pack your suitcase we're goin' away,
we'll leave in the morning rather early,
and only the morning birds will wave goodbye to you and to me,
and you ask will we fall apart
(verse 2)
Just don't worry anymore,
non of our plans will be for sure,
there's only one thing that I know now,
its that there's no turning back no way no how,
and you ask will we fall apart,
I think we'll fall apart,
and you ask will we fall apart,
see that bombs crashing all around,
and I think that I just might go down,
with this one now,
see the bombs crashing all around,
and I think that I just might go down,
with this one now,
(bridge 2)
we're falling apart
we're falling apart
we're falling apart
with this one now.
Track Name: Who Am I
(verse 1)
I have a question,
why do you try?
ok one more question,
I said who am I?
I feel nothing,
as you walk on by,
and you are nothing,
in this girls eyes,
wait that was a lie (a lie)
that was a lie (a lie)
(verse 2)
I have a feeling,
of apathy,
is that the feeling,
that you feel towards me,
I gotta tell you,
you're not very convincing,
I gotta tell you,
you could have fooled,
Track Name: Sell Out
(verse 1)
wouldn't you like to see the,
party we're having,
everyone's invited,
they wanted you to sing,
they say you got the look now,
well come on now you're in,
so welcome to the new crowd,
say hello to your new friends,
sell out
sell out
(verse 2)
I know it might seem twisted,
but I promise its ok,
and some say we're addicted,
'cause we do this everyday,
but you're our new addition,
so don't try to leave just yet,
cause when everything seems fiction,
there's things you don't forget,
Track Name: Last Song
(verse 1)
This will be the last song,
you'll hear before I am gone,
so let this farewell be,
our last memory,
who were you trying to fool dear,
there's no one else but me here,
the ground beneath you crumbles,
as I rise from the rubble so,
I'm gonna start a new life,
apart from all these broken lies,
I'm gonna start all over,
with out you standing over my shoulder,
(verse 2)
this will be the last song,
my train departs at dawn,
so have you any last words,
say them quick or they won't be heard,
a tribute to the last song,
and the things that just went wrong,
its not that I don't love you,
I just hate thinking of you so,
(2nd chorus/bridge)
I'm gonna start a new life,
without you standing right by my side,
I'm gonna have a new start,
without this painful affair of the heart.